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Mairin Jerse

Hi there - I'm Mairin Jerse, a recent graduate The University of Chicago Booth in Chicago, IL and the Director of Product at Page Vault, a growth stage legal tech startup. 

Before grad school, I spent four years @ GE Healthcare on their digital team, developing software, launching MVPs, deploying SaaS products to a global user base, and experimenting with bringing new tech into an old company on a globally distributed team. One meaningful experience I had was leading the product strategy for a process mining software, Celonis, an experience that helped jump start my interest in startups and the power of technology to solve age-old and modern questions and to shake industry architectures.    

While @ Booth, I've explored my interest in startups and entrepreneurship, spending the better half of my first year exploring startup ideas in the femtech space, before joining Techstars as a Business Development Associate and then fintech startup Aeropay as their second Product Manager. While I have spent most of my career in the healthcare sector, I am excited to expand my technical and product skills into other domains, such as fintech and AI. At Booth, I'm an active member of Chicago Women in Booth, Booth Technology Group, and I am a Co-Chair of The Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club (EVC).

This past June, I started my full time role as the Director of Product at Page Vault, where I'm building the product organization from the ground up. 

Outside of school & work, I'm an avid reader - I enjoy a mix of non-fiction, historical biographies, psychological explorations, and novels. My ultimate happy place is on my couch with Netflix's Cracking Birchwood Fireplace roaring on my television, no plans for the day, & a book in my hands.

Would love to chat about: 
  • Product management, product strategy, tech strategy, industry architecture 
  • Startups, startup strategy, customer discovery, product market fit  
  • Headspace, meditation, flow 
  • Books, emerging authors 

Phonetics: Mairin Jerse = "M-Erin Jerce" 

Learning App Development 🤩🖥️

As a product manager, I understand the critical role that effective collaboration between the PM and engineering team plays in the success of a product. Having worked as a developer early on in my career and then transitioning into various product roles over the past five years, I know the importance of having a solid technical foundation. While I have a basic understanding of front and backend languages, using the command line interface, and collaborating on GitHub, during my time as a developer, I felt like I was missing a ton of context and struggled to fully grasp the why behind what I was doing. Despite spending eight months on a full-stack team at GE Healthcare, I found myself drowning in what I didn't know and couldn't wait to move on to my next rotation in product management. Now, in the middle of my second year of an MBA program, I decided to use my second year to improve my programming skills. I recently completed an Application Development course, and I am currently self-pacing through an Advanced AppDev course taught by Professor Raghu Betina at The University of Chicago. The first course was exactly what I was looking for, as it provided me with the foundational knowledge and skills to build an app from scratch, something I had struggled to understand even after completing multiple coding language courses on Code Academy. One of our first assignments is to write about what we're learning - so here I am :). Here's what I learned this week:  • RESTful APIs - what they are and why/how to use them  • Helper Methods, such as form_with, link_to, label_tag, button_tag, and more  • How to refactor our code for simplicity - during AppDev 1, we learned the building blocks of Ruby - creating routes from scratch, manually building CRUD actions, our view templates, and so on.  • Ruby scaffold command - wow, I can use one line of code to do everything I had just spent nine weeks learning how to do manually 🤩 Looking forward to continuing the journey 🌴.
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